Learn how to create stunning outdoor Christmas decorations from the comfort of your home with these 7 tips!

Are you tired of the same old and boring outdoor Christmas decorations that everyone has at home?

Why not try making your own original decorations for your home and garden?

If you’re not sure how to start, we have several ideas to inspire you.

Outdoor Christmas decoration in a box

A well-decorated house can add a touch of elegance to any space. Using boxes and flower pots can be a simple and effective way to enhance your house or apartment during winter, not just for Christmas.

You can hang them in front of windows or place them next to the door. Check out the simple instructions for outdoor box decoration and get inspired.

What we will need:

  • twigs of cedar and pine, possibly another conifer or mistletoe
  • artificial red apples
  • artificial red berries and twigs
  • twigs with silver ornaments
  • clay
  • a box or flower pot of any size
  • optional outdoor light


  • Pour clay into the box.
  • Stick conifer twigs into the clay.
  • Place red berries, apples, and twigs between the twigs.
  • Finally, we stick silver ornaments into the clay.
  • Alternatively, we can decorate everything with Christmas lights, preferably with flashlights.
source: blessmyweeds.com

If you still don’t know how to make this outdoor Christmas decoration in a box, watch the video:

Easy Christmas Window Boxes - Red Magnolia Farmhouse Window Boxes
source: youtube.com

Would you like to find even more inspiration for Christmas decorations in the box? Take a look!

Glowing Christmas decorations

For handy do-it-yourselfers, we also have a DIY tutorial on how to make a light-up Christmas garden decoration that will be best taken after dark.

What we will need:

  • hexagonal breeding mesh
  • wires
  • mini LED outdoor light
  • meter
  • pliers
  • glove


  • We cut the mesh to any size so that the length is a multiple of the width.
  • We roll the cut mesh lengthwise into a cylinder and fasten the ends together.
  • Now let’s start shaping the ball.
  • We start with one edge and carefully round it.
  • We weave the ends of the mesh and attach the pieces of wire.
  • We apply the same procedure to the other edge.
  • The result will be a nice ball-like shape.
  • Finally, we weave the lights through the mesh so that they are spread out as best as possible.
source: christmaslightsetc.com

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DIY Christmas tree

When we think of a potted Christmas tree, most of us think of a live one that we can buy, decorate, and place in the living room or anywhere else in the interior. But why not treat yourself to it in a slightly different form? Get inspired by the following instructions on how to make this original outdoor decoration.

What we will need :

  • arrangement material for flowers in the shape of a rectangle
  • container or bowl
  • tape
  • scissors
  • twigs of evergreen plants
  • various decorations according to your wishes (e.g. pine cones, berries, nuts, bows, and Christmas decorations)


  1. Cut the corners off the two ends of the arrangement material, fill a basin with water, and place the material in the water so it is completely soaked.
  2. Attach the mass to the bowl. You can use any waterproof container as a base and attach the mass with tape.
  3. Prepare twigs of different lengths so you can make them into a tree shape easily
  4. Insert twigs of boxwood, spruce, pine, holly, and other evergreen plants into the arrangement material.
  5. Once you have created the basic shape of the tree, insert other decorations such as pine cones and red berries into the arrangement foam.
  6. You can then place this Christmas tree on a flower pot or prepare a nest of twigs for it.
source: 1800flowers.com
source: 1800flowers.com

This simple outdoor Christmas decoration is ready in a few minutes, and you can even invite your children to make it. Finally, with its help, you can decorate a terrace or gazebo or place it in front of the entrance door. 

You can decorate the entrance to your home in many ways. Get inspired by our Christmas door decorations.

Fragrant Christmas candlestick

At Christmas time, we are used to typical scents. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla is a classic combination.

Try the combination of these two scents through a Christmas decoration in the form of a handmade cinnamon candlestick. The vanilla candle will warm the cinnamon sticks and the resulting aroma will pleasantly scent the surroundings. You can use the candlestick on the terrace or balcony.

What we will need:

  • 2 vanilla scented candles
  • cinnamon sticks
  • thicker rubber band
  • twine
  • ribbon
  • scissors


  1. Place a rubber band in the middle of the candle, making sure it is not twisted anywhere.
  2. Behind the rubber band, carefully insert the cinnamon sticks around the entire circumference of the candle so that there are no gaps.
  3. Wrap the twine around the candle several times to cover the rubber band and tie it tightly.
  4. Tuck the ends of the twine so that they are not visible.
  5. Finally, tie the twine with a ribbon of any color, make a bow and you’re done!
Vanilla candles with cinnamon as a decorative candle holder.
source: cdn.skim.gs

Decorations in the form of candlesticks are also often found on the table. Discover how to decorate the Christmas table in other ways too.

This candlestick can be used on your terrace, balcony, or in the conservatory. You have the option to match the ribbon’s color with the rest of your Christmas decorations or mix and match different colors for each candle.

You can attach a small wooden or metal ornament to the ribbon for added decoration. A combination of differently-sized candles will also look great. Additionally, you can also use this Christmas outdoor decoration in your home.

Christmas outdoor door decoration

Do you want to treat your door to something different this holiday season and avoid classic Christmas wreaths? The beauty of this simple ornament lies in its simplicity.

What will we need:

  • 21 Christmas balls of any color
  • fishing line
  • wide ribbon (width at least 3 inches, length 40 inches)
  • narrower ribbon in the same color
  • scissors

Procedure :

  1. String 7 balls each time on the line and fasten them as close as possible to form a uniform shape.
  2. Tie the fishing line thoroughly in 3-4 knots.
  3. Fasten the three resulting bundles to narrow ribbons with the help of a knot.
  4. Make a bow from the large ribbon.
  5. Attach all the bundles to the back of the bow so that each bundle is a different length.
  6. Don’t forget to make a loop for hanging.
source: tarynwhiteaker.com

This outdoor Christmas decoration can also be used in the window or anywhere inside the home. Choose the color of balls and ribbons according to your preferences.

Outdoor paper Christmas decoration

The following guide for outdoor Christmas decorations is intended for adults and children who enjoy crafting with paper.

These decorations can be used in various ways, such as hanging paper balls on a tree, creating a chain to decorate a fence, using them to spruce up your porch, or hanging them in a window or on twigs in a vase.

Enjoy getting creative with these paper decorations!

What we will need :

  • scrapbook paper with Christmas motifs
  • scissors
  • adhesive tape
  • melt gun
  • string
  • ribbon


  • First, cut your strips into individual balls, it’s up to you how many balls you want to make.
  • 5 strips of different widths and lengths will be needed for one ball.
  • To achieve the desired length, the papers can be connected by using adhesive tape. For this, you will need 2 strips with a width of 1 inch and a length of 11.81 inches each, 2 strips with a width of 1.18 inches and a length of 15.75 inches each, and 1 strip with a width of 1.38 inches and a length of 19.69 inches.
  • Fold the resulting strips alternately into an “accordion” shape.
  • Glue the prepared strips at the ends with a hot melt gun and turn them inwards to form wheels as in the picture below.
  • Then glue the wheels in the middle.
  • Place the individual wheels on top of each other from smallest to largest and back again.
  • Attach an eyelet from the string to the top edge of the ball with a hot melt gun and then tie the string with a ribbon.
source: diyinspired.com

The advantage of these outdoor Christmas decorations is that you can play with colors and motifs, they are also light, versatile, and will definitely last as a fond memory until next Christmas.

Snowman is the favorite winter character. Learn how to make a Christmas snowman to add atmosphere to your home.

Christmas still life on the balcony

Do you have a balcony, a terrace, or maybe just an entrance door to a house that is accessed by several steps? Transform them into a nostalgic Christmas corner.

What we will need:

  • red rubber boots
  • wooden blocks of various sizes
  • wooden sledges
  • metal bucket
  • conifer twigs
  • LED Christmas lights
  • Christmas decorations.


  • Making this outdoor Christmas decoration largely depends on your circumstances.
  • It looks best especially in the corner of the balcony, terrace, or by the entrance door.
  • All you have to do is place all the decorations you decide to use so that they create a unified impression.
  • Build the sled and decorate it with lights, decorations, and twigs, place the wooden logs and twigs in a bucket and again wrap the lights around them.

This outdoor Christmas decoration is simple and effective at the same time. You can also use old skates instead of wellies.

source: digsdigs.com

Illuminated and decorated windows also belong to Christmas. What Christmas window decorations can you make yourself?

Outdoor Christmas decorations don’t always have to be just Christmas lights and chains. There are many more options for decorating your terrace, garden, or even just a window or entrance door. If we have inspired you to make your own, we are only happy.

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