Are you seeking inspiration to make your Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations more special?

Look no further than our collection of savory recipes to impress your loved ones and add exciting new flavors to your holiday menu.

Christmas Eve menus traditionally include ham, turkey, or steak with mashed potatoes, and the first course is typically soup.

We will introduce you to the Christmas menus that are typical worldwide: we will teach you how to prepare the best fish soup or traditional pea soup that will warm up your guests and tantalize their taste buds.

Try festive ham, duck, or tenderloin sauce. Baked Christmas ham comes in many variants, such as with oranges, apples, or honey, and is a delicious and hearty option that will impress your guests. 

And for those who crave salty snacks after indulging in sweets and cookies, we have some great recipes for Christmas cookies made from crackers, lard, or puff pastry. These pastries are a pleasant change and add variety to your holiday spread.

But the celebrations don’t end with Christmas! Keep the festive spirit going on New Year’s Eve with our ideas for plated bowls, sandwiches, and canapés. Our wide range of spreads for sandwiches will inspire you to create some unique and delicious snacks that your guests will love.

Finally, don’t let any of your holiday leftovers go to waste. We have some creative tips on using “leftovers” from the fridge to create tasty and memorable dishes to keep the holiday cheer alive.

With all these mouth-watering options, prepare to make this holiday season unforgettable!