How is Christmas different around the world?

Outside of Europe, you will encounter ways of spending Christmas that are perhaps incomprehensible to you. Some countries will surprise you with the choice of Christmas Eve food or the unusual Christmas tree they have for Christmas in Georgia .

Who wears gifts in the world?

The first thing that comes to mind is Santa Claus. Yes, it spreads everywhere, but its homeland remains America. In China, there is an old Christmas man at Christmas – Sheng dan Lao ren. And that’s not all that will surprise you at Christmas in China . In India, children look forward to Father Christmas, in Japan, Hoteiosho or Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve meal? How where

You will surely wonder what they consider a festive Christmas Eve menu in Japan. But in Australia, for example, no big feast of hot food is played. They are warm there, so they solve the Christmas Eve meal with outdoor seating, barbecue and seafood. Australian Christmas looks like it’s in the summer. It certainly does not detract from their beauty.

Christmas decorations are everywhere

When it comes to beautifying their homes, people in all countries do it. They are just a little different in decorations. Please, if you can guess where the plastic tree is decorated? And where is Christmas not celebrated at all? You will find out all this in the articles below.

An unconventional tradition

It is very interesting that Christmas songs or carols are sung everywhere. They are, of course, characteristic of the given countries. You’ll have a hard time singing a white Christmas on the beach in Australia. Although you can, but you won’t see snow.

Other traditions that are kept in the vast majority of countries include the Christmas tree. And of course, each country has its own festive food according to its characteristic cuisine. That is why, for example, Indian Christmas is flavored with curry, in America, everyone eats the well-known traditional roast turkey.

Come see other Christmas traditions for yourself. Which country will you start with?