Different region, different manners

The celebration of Christmas itself takes place differently, as well as a different traditional food characteristic of each country. You will soon find that the further you get from the Czech Republic, the more special the Christmas traditions of other countries will seem to you. In any case, you will get a lot of inspiration from them not only for traditions, but also for traditional Christmas delicacies.

But the basic meaning of Christmas is the same everywhere. Everywhere there are holidays of calm, peace and well-being, meeting loved ones and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. See how Christmas is different in European countries.

Most often they differ:

Traditional food

Carp or schnitzel with potato salad is most often eaten here at Christmas. Previously, mushroom cube was a traditional Christmas Eve meal in our country. It survived in a certain form under the name Kuťa. To this day, you can meet him on the Christmas Eve table at Christmas in Belarus , Ukraine or Poland.

A character who carries gifts

Europe is very rich in gift-bearing entities. In our country, it is the well-known Jesus, who also goes to Slovakia at Christmas . In the east you will meet Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. Saint Basil tends to take care of the south. Furthermore, in European countries you will meet a star, little angels, Father Christmas or perhaps Djed Božičnjak, who gives gifts to children at Christmas in Croatia . In Norway, the little elf Julenissen gives gifts to children, so elf figurines are typical for Norwegian Christmas , which are currently gaining popularity in our country as well. And of course, Santa Claus rubs off everywhere.

Superstitions and customs

There are many superstitions and customs that we have (or had) in common with many countries. But some did not survive. All customs and superstitions still have the same purpose – to ensure a harvest, happiness and health for the whole family, to predict the future and dowries or to protect one’s home from evil spirits.

And which ones are sure to surprise and amuse you? Take a look, for example, at the Christmas custom in Romania , when one dresses up as a goat and runs, dances and makes mischief while singing carols. But it cannot be equal to the goblins called kallikantzaroi, from whom holy water is protected at Christmas in Greece .

By date

Another frequent difference appears in the date from which Christmas is celebrated in a given country. It depends on whether it follows the Gregorian or Julian calendar. While we celebrate the birth of Jesus on 24.12. on 25.12. , for example , Christmas in Ukraine or Bosnia takes place from January 6 to 7.

Come with us to visit European countries and get to know their Christmas traditions and customs.