The best instructions for making Christmas boxes from the comfort of your home. Get inspired!

Along with the lights, Christmas decorations in boxes are the first sign that Advent has arrived.

Are you trying to turn your house into a magical Christmas fairy tale?

Decorating boxes is an excellent activity that develops our creativity.

In addition, you can use everything you can find in the forest or the garden.

Try making them with us.

Christmas decorations in boxes with apples and nuts

There are no limits to the imagination when creating. You can also use apples, artificial flowers, and other decorations.

Christmas box with apples.

What you will need:

  • diverse branches of conifers and other evergreens
  • pine cones
  • apples
  • nuts
  • artificial flowers
  • Christmas balls
  • sprigs of holly with berries
  • clay
  • wires


  1. Fill the box with clay and stick various branches into it.
  2. First, stake the thicker branches of conifers and then other plants.
  3. Then, with the help of wires, place decorations such as apples, nuts, Christmas balls, artificial flowers, and holly berries on the branches.
  4. At the end, you can “load” everything with one dry twisted branch, which will also act as a decoration.
  5. You can also add lights to the Christmas decorations in the box if you want.

A beautiful window decoration can be Christmas boxes and various candlesticks. Learn how to make a Christmas window sill candle holder.

Christmas window boxes made of twigs and pine cones

The advantage of outdoor Christmas decorations is that you can go to the forest for most of your needs. In the case of this window decoration, pine cones, and pine branches are the main stars.

Decorative boxes behind the windows as decoration.

What you will need:

  • pine branches
  • yew branches
  • pine cones
  • sprigs of holly with berries (can also be artificial)
  • pebbles
  • clay or arranging material
  • wires


  1. Fill the box with clay or arranging material to fix the branches well.
  2. First, put the greenery in the box so that the ends of the branches stick out over the edges all the way around.
  3. Use pine everywhere, like yew or other branches, only on the edges.
  4. Place pebbles on top of the branches, which will look nice and help keep the branches in place.
  5. Spread the cones evenly; stick them on more vital wires to hold them well.
  6. Place the berries along with the holly leaves, and you’re done.

This simple decoration does not require special accessories like bows and other gadgets; it looks great.

Similarly, the branches can be arranged in free-standing or hanging flower pots.

Decoration for the box with Christmas balls

In this case, it is a decoration made of coniferous branches and pine cones, but the main word here will be Christmas balls.

This is a very simple but effective Christmas decoration, which you can color match with interior decoration or Christmas lights.

Christmas bulbs as decoration in chests.

What you will need:

  • Coniferous branches (pine, yew, spruce…)
  • donuts
  • distinctive fabric bow
  • three balls in metallic colors (two large and one smaller)
  • metal hook
  • wire
  • clay or arranging material


  1. First, stick the pine branches into the box rather than lying down.
  2. At the edges, stick two yew branches vertically.
  3. Stick a metal hook in the middle, to which the bow will be attached later.
  4. Insert cones into the branches; you can attach them to the wire.
  5. Attach a bow to the hook and a bundle of balls tied with wire.

You can decorate the finished decoration with outdoor lights. Don’t know which one to choose? Get inspired in our review of LED light chains .

Glowing Christmas box with succulents

Natural decorations are very popular at Christmas. So why not combine them with window decoration?

In this case, you can also involve your imagination and use different plants and branches that your garden offers you, for example.

Have you ever thought of using succulents? You have space here.

Decorative Christmas box.

What you will need :

  • coniferous branches of various kinds
  • twigs of other evergreen plants
  • Succulents that don’t mind frost (various cacti or cacti, etc.)
  • Christmas balls
  • light (ideally outdoors for flashlights)
  • clay


  1. As in previous cases, start from coniferous branches.
  2. Then, add branches of evergreens.
  3. Add succulents, which can be in pots, pine cones, and possibly other plants, to the Christmas box.
  4. Wrap larger branches with lights and insert Christmas ornaments into the decoration.
  5. If you don’t like their colors, you can cover them with copper tape, which is decent and festive at the same time.

In this case, regularity would be rather harmful. Let yourself be guided by the inspiration of the moment. Each Christmas box decoration on your windows can be a little different.

The combination of the Christmas decoration of the boxes with lighting, for example, with a lantern or LED lights in the form of light rain, also looks very nice. Our review will advise you on which Christmas lights to choose.

Have you ever tried creating an outdoor Christmas decoration, or are you about to debut? If so, we will be happy if you take inspiration from our instructions for decorating Christmas boxes.

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