Christmas markets in Vienna

The Christmas markets in Vienna are certainly among the most spectacular and frequently visited. They are worth a visit, especially if you live close to the Austrian border. The squares are scented with punch, and the atmosphere of Christmas, traditions, and crafts breathes on you at the oldest Viennese market in Freyung from 1772 and other places.

In Vienna, you will find several of them, for example, in the Rathausplatz Square, Maria Theresa Square, near Schönbrunn, in the Prater near the Ferris wheel, Charles Square, near the Hofburg, Stephen’s Square and, last but not least, the Christkindlmarkt in Town Hall Square. In Freyung, you will find a lot of exciting gifts, significantly different types of nativity scenes, or glass Christmas decorations. For culture, you can go to Marie Therese Square, where choirs and other musical performers sing. You can enjoy all the beauty with mulled wine in hand. The pilgrimage will be pretty long, with up to 150 stalls waiting for you. And if that wasn’t enough for you, you can skate on the huge 3000 m2 ice surface.

Christmas markets in Salzburg 

What should you add to the Christmas markets in Salzburg? It could be a pre-Christmas ski trip. After all, there is no shortage of it here, either. But even if you don’t ski, you can enjoy the mountains nicely in the background of this magical fair from the 15th century. The Jesus Christ Market (Christkindlmarkt) is traditionally held in front of the Salzburg Cathedral and on the Residence Square, where you will find around a hundred sales stalls, but also engaging cultural performances directed by the theater, singing of chorales or a brass band concert. We must also mention the Christmas market on the Mirabellplatz square or the Advent market in the courtyard of the Hohensalzburg fortress. These places are undoubtedly among the most beautiful markets in Europe.

Christmas Markets in Linz

At the Christmas markets in Linz, you will also discover an unusual experience in the background of baroque buildings. The Volksgarten Square offers life-size moving sculptures, while the Main Square has fifty stalls with various food and handicrafts. You can buy handmade wooden products at the stalls, for example, figures in nativity scenes or various glass products. In addition, here you will find rest and entertainment with a cultural program, a beautiful, richly decorated Christmas tree, or you can make your candle for an Advent wreath. The advantage of these markets is that you do not have to travel far; they are not far from the borders.

Christmas markets in Retz

With the Christmas markets in Retz, you can experience the biggest parade of devils, discover vast wine cellars, and, last but not least, shop at the Christmas market. This town can captivate you if you want to combine a pre-Christmas trip with learning something new. In particular, the underground labyrinth, which has a total of four floors and 20 km, has a lot of historical souvenirs and offers the possibility of tasting wines, which can be the proper diversion. Or would you appreciate a Krampus promenade? You can also buy excellent mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, or Austrian sweets at the stalls.

Christmas markets in Innsbruck

Now, we will visit Tyrol and the Christmas market in Innsbruck. In the historic Old Town, we can find the Christkindlmarkt directly under the Golden Roof, which offers a wide range of handicrafts and a tasting of local specialties. An exciting place to visit is the fair on Maria-Theresien-Straße, where you can admire a beautiful light installation made of crystal and glass. We cannot forget the market on Hlavní náměstí, where the historic carousel and around sixty stalls are traditionally located.

Christmas markets in Graz

The Christmas market in Graz will captivate you with carefully selected handicrafts and a selection of food and drinks, the most famous of which is the Feuerzangenbowle. It is a fiery wine and rum drink that will warm you even on the coldest days. In addition, you will undoubtedly find many types of Christmas decorations and themed gifts.