What will the Advent markets be like in Paris this year? Program and important information in one place

Are you planning a pre-Christmas trip to the capital of France?

The Christmas markets in Paris will be spectacular and wonderful like every year.

Enjoy the local romance, gastronomy and monuments.

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Advent markets Paris

In December, every city lights up with Christmas lights, but not everywhere the decorations are as spectacular as in Paris, which is nicknamed the “City of Light” even outside of the Christmas holidays. The Christmas lights on the Champs Élysées are a unique experience every year.

Illuminated main street of Paris.
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Christmas markets near the Eiffel Tower

1.12.2023 – 2.1.2024

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Paris? Probably the Eiffel Tower. One of the most famous Christmas markets in Paris is the Village de Noël du Champ-de-Mars . Held until the beginning of January every year, this fun and festive event is located along the Quai Jacques Chirac in the shadow of the famous Parisian landmark.

Here you will find six dozen stalls selling everything from traditional foods , such as sausages and cheeses from regional producers. In addition to gastronomy, you can also admire local crafts or buy unusual gifts .

Who brings presents in France? And what are the French Christmas customs? Find out in our How to Celebrate French Christmas article.

Advent fair near Notre Dame

8.12.2023 – 25.12.2023

One of the most beautiful squares in Paris is René-Viviani Square. Overlooking the magnificent Church of Our Lady, which was destroyed by fire in April 2019 and is currently undergoing renovation, around three dozen stalls of the Christmas market The Marché de Noël de Notre-Dame will be located.

Selling everything from handmade jewelery to macaroons, pretzels and lots of mulled wine, this event is widely regarded as one of the best Christmas markets in Paris. The organizers are preparing a competition for children. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Advent markets at one of the most famous cathedrals in Europe.

Christmas markets near Notre Damme.
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Christmas market in Saint Germain des Près

25.11.2023 – 31.12.2023

Saint Germain des Près is a district in Paris with luxury shops and expensive restaurants. He also knows them thanks to street booksellers.

Located in the 6th arrondissement in the shadow of the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés , the oldest church in Paris, this smaller Parisian Christmas market has a unique charm, especially when it gets dark and the whole area is lit up with thousands of lights.

Here you will find dozens of stalls selling a variety of goods, from food products to a whole range of craft gifts and handmade goods. The Saint Germain des Près district is also known for luxury shops, expensive restaurants and street booksellers.

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Advent in the Jardin des Tuileries

18.11.2023 – 7.1.2024

If you want to experience a truly spectacular French market, then the Jardin des Tuileries is the perfect place to start. Around eight dozen wooden cottages await you, spread out in an exceptional garden setting between the Louvre and the Concord district, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées .

This market allows you not only to feast at many stalls with genuine French delicacies or to buy original gifts. There is also a wide range of fairground attractions , including a giant Ferris wheel from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. There is also an ice rink and children’s shows.

If you want to get a better idea of what this Christmas village in Paris looked like last year, watch the video.

Christmas Market in Tuileries Garden Paris 2022
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What to see in Paris?

Eiffel Tower

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was only supposed to stand in place for 20 years? It originally served as the entrance gate to fairs and was not popular with Parisians. In the end, they didn’t tear it down, because its top is a convenient place for transmitters. The tower is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. It is better to book tickets in advance online.

The Louvre

You must have heard about the most famous museum in Paris. Visitors can view famous paintings such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. In the museum you will visit seven departments: Egyptian Antiquities, Middle Eastern Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Islamic Art, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Painting Department.

The Louvre Museum in Paris
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It is open every day except Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Fridays, opening hours are extended until 9:45 p.m. Book your tickets in advance, because the interest in admission is huge.

Arc de Triomphe

The building dates from the 19th century, Napoleon had it built to celebrate the victory in the Battle of Slavkov. Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. you can go up to the roof and look around.

Palace of Versailles

Although you won’t enjoy the castle garden much in December, you should still stop by the castle. As part of the tour, you will visit the period-furnished halls and bedrooms. Tours are held every day except Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Do you know Amelia of Montmartre? Follow in their footsteps. In this historic district, you will come across nice monuments such as windmills from the 19th century and the Sacré Coeur Basilica.

Christmas tree in Montmartre, Paris
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Invalid facility

The huge complex of buildings was created in the 17th century as a home for war veterans. It still fulfills its function today, a military hospital and a retirement home operate here. At the same time, the Museum of the French Army with Napoleon’s tomb is in operation here. As in other French museums and monuments, children and students have free entry.

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